Bhairav and Dam Pani

Launching in July 2017, New Art Exchange will exhibit Bhairav – a film by Munir Kabani and Nikhil Chopra.


Launching the programme in the UK, March 2017 with exhibitions, performances and residencies.

Art Residency: Sahej Rahal

During his residency, Sahej Rahal will work with found objects, created tools, costumes and instruments to develop a meandering episodic narrative, wherein absurd shamanic beings perform ritualistic acts of transit across the landscape of Nottingham.

Reimagining Collections

From February 2017 to March 2018, Delfina Foundation launches a research initiative that explores the evolving status of collections of art and artefacts in the UK and India, through residencies and new commissions in relation to the notion of what a collection is, towards thinking about what it could become.

Art in Public Space: Curatorial Labs

Primary collaborate with partners in India to undertake a programme of activity across the year that will explore how artists and curators work in public space.

Birmingham Art Summit

Scheduled for March 2018 at mac Birmingham, Birmingham Summit will be a culminating point in HTE taking place over two days.