Art, Public + The Commons: Symposium


Art, Public + The Commons: Symposium
Friday 22 September, 10:00-16.30
Primary, 33 Seely Road, Nottingham NG7 1NU

Free, booking essential. Book here.
‘Art, Public & The Commons’ offers a day of discussions and workshops exploring art in public space, with a focus on themes of imagination, histories, borders and the commons. It follows on from two intensive labs in Bangalore and Nottingham bringing together collectives and artists working with public space, participation and social change across India, the UK and Europe.

Through talks and workshops, the symposium will invite conversations on arts practice in relation to public space and ‘moments of publicness’, developing themes from the labs. We’ll explore questions of exclusion and inclusion in terms of identity, architecture and social structures and look at the ways arts practice can create space for collective imagining. We’ll be sharing ways of working with diverse place-based histories and stories, asking – what do places inherit, what is preserved and what is rendered invisible? Through the symposium we are interested in looking at how ideas of the commons and practices of commoning inform organisations, and sharing tools and models for working in the public realm.

Drinks and lunch will be provided, we will be asking for a £5 contribution on the day.

More information:

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