Film & video programme

After an open call, we have selected 17 artists to showcase their work at this exciting new festival from 15th to 17th December 2017. The work concerns itself with one or more of the key goals set down by the UN for sustainable development and will be presented over the course of three days. We are delighted to present the following artists and their work:

Rangasthala Auditorium
at Rangoli Metro Art Center, MG Road, Bengaluru.

Session One –
GOALS: Healthy Bodies
This day looks at poverty, hunger & nutrition, sustainable agriculture, well-being, access to clean water and affordable and sustainable energy for all.

Detrimental – Ashok Vish
Does anyone know what’s going on? – Vishal Kumaraswamy
Uproot – Debjita Dhar
A Polite Diwali – Nagakarthik MG
Ocean within a Drop – Romicon Revola

Day Two –
GOALS: Inclusive Societies
This day explores inclusivity and quality education for all, gender and societal inequalities, inclusivity in the workplace, and the right to peace in society locally and globally.

Cuckoo Forest School – Vinodh Baluchmay
Heaven-Hell – Billy Dosanjh
Five Women. Five Stories – Hansa – Kajal Nisha Patel
Spit – Jagrut Raval & Wolfgang Obermair
175 Grams – Bharat Mirle & Aravind Iyer

Day Three –
GOALS: Sustainable Futures
This day looks at building resilient infrastructures, promote sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation, making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable consumption and production, climate change, conservation in the ocean and on land.

Marble & Concrete – Buren Collective
Miilelam Miiyoh – Savyasachi Anju Prabir
Pink Lakes, Synchronized Sand – Hannah Raisin
Consider the Penguins – Cynthia Wong
Model Economy – Oliver Husain and AGO Youth Council
Forest – Peter Barnard

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Be Fantastic is a public focused event bringing together leaders across the cultural, tech and research sectors for three days of diverse programming and public art experiences. Through commissions, talks, workshops and dialogue based interactions in Bangalore’s public spaces, we’ll dream of a radical, open, optimistic future together that leverage the best of participatory art and tech practices using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as our primary filter.

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