Birmingham Art Summit

Scheduled for Thur 22 and Fri 23 March 2018 at mac Birmingham.

The Birmingham Summit will be a culminating point in the Here, There and Everywhere programme taking place over two days. It will bring to a close the activity and signal the ongoing relationships between partners and the other legacies that will extend to 2018 and beyond.
In addition to presenting work, it will provide a discursive platform to review and share the key learning outcomes in the interest of deepening engagement between the UK and India in respect of the project partners, our respective and mutual audiences, and the artists working on and across both continents. Featuring contributions from the project partners, it will bring together Indian and UK diaspora artists to forge opportunities that extend beyond the time frame of the project.

Artist exhibitions featuring Sahej Rahal, Ratna Gupta and Gagan Singh including guided tours and presentations by Sahej Rahal and Ratna Gupta over the two days and reflections for future models with Indian art curator Meenakshi Thirukode and presentations and contributions from Aaron Cezar, Niki Russell, Rebecca Beinart, Louise Clements, Skinder Hundal, Sooree Pillay, Deborah Kermode, Jessica Litherland.

Live Performance on Thursday 22 March 7.30pm – Project 70 Asian Blues by Aziz Ibrahim ft Hardeep Pandhal – visual grime and electric sonifications…

Full details of the programme to be released



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