Draw With Gagan

Gagan Singh’s Quirky Contemplations

Imagine your idea visualised in a drawing by an artist….
Artist Gagan Singh has followed our journey Here in the UK, There in India, and the final iteration of this phase of the Here, There and Everywhere project. Positioned in the Everywhere – online – space, during the Birmingham Art Summit and the rest of March 2018, he invited collaborators to work with him in the creation of a series of personalised miniature drawings. Contributors sent Gagan a thought, provocation or idea, and received a drawing in return.

To find out more about Gagan Singh: http://www.gagansingh.net/

Check out our gallery of Gagan’s Illustrations below!

All Seasons  – Gagan Singh throughout the programme has been resident in UK and India visiting all spaces.  As a consequence he  has created an interactive online episode ‘Drawing with Gagan’ where the public stimulate new drawings by Gagan informed by the context of being here there and everywhere also challenging notions of where art is presented and how it is created.