Bhairav and Dam Pani

Launching in July 2017, New Art Exchange will exhibit Bhairav – a film by Munir Kabani and Nikhil Chopra, and a sound installation, Dam Pani by Tasawar Bashir. Starting on Friday 14 July, a number of live art performances will take place to complete the installation of Bhairav.

Art Residency: Sahej Rahal

During his residency, Sahej Rahal will work with found objects, created tools, costumes and instruments to develop a meandering episodic narrative, wherein absurd shamanic beings perform ritualistic acts of transit across the landscape of Nottingham.

Art, Public + The Commons: Lab

Primary (Nottingham) and Maraa (Bangalore) are co-organising an intensive four-day Lab on Art in Public Space, bringing together collectives from across India who work creatively in public space for in-depth sharing of practice, reflection and critical conversation.


Launching the programme in the UK, March 2017 with exhibitions, performances and residencies.