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‘Creative digital mass participation lab’

During October 2017, NAE and QUAD led on a digital lab in Bangalore to explore contexts, concepts and ideas that will result in the creation of a digital mass participation platform launching at the Bengaluru Fantastic festival scheduled 15-17 December 2017 and then the Birmingham H T E exhibition launching on 3 February and the Art Summit 22/23 March 2018, New Art Exchange and the Format Off Year International Photography Festival. Artists Brendan Oliver and Debbie Adele Cooper will work with specialist developers and curators from Jaaga, Srishti, NAE and QUAD in Bengaluru to determine a central idea allowing a third space of invention to be born, challenging perceptions and connecting communities from the UK and India exploring positive features to create a digital, future utopia.

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  1. What do you love about being in India?
  2. What do you love about being in UK?

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Draw With Gagan

Gagan Singh’s Quirky Contemplations

Imagine your idea visualised in a drawing by an artist….
Artist Gagan Singh has followed our journey Here in the UK, There in India, and the final iteration of this phase of the Here, There and Everywhere project. Positioned in the Everywhere – online – space, during the Birmingham Art Summit and the rest of March 2018, he invited collaborators to work with him in the creation of a series of personalised miniature drawings. Contributors sent Gagan a thought, provocation or idea, and received a drawing in return.

Visit the gallery of Gagan’s illustrations here >>